Cutie Pie Glitters

    This week I'm all about Ciate London. 

    For the gold version I used the light creamy pink Cutie pie combined with the golden glitter with a hint of pink Antique Brooch for the accent. If silver is more you then I would recommend the slightly darker pink Hoopla with the silver Locket for the accent. 


    1. Clean and shape the nails. Apply a light coat of Ciate Underwear base coat, this will ensure the polish lasts longer
    2. Apply Ciate’s cutie pie. I find that 1-2 coats give a lovely natural look,but for this look  I would recommend using 3 coats.
    3. Be patient and allow the layers to dry completely, running your nails under cold water will help speed up the process.
    4. Carefully apply the French manicure stickers vertically to the side of your nails.
    5. Paint one thin layer of Antique brooch on the desired area.  Its easier to build up layers than to undo too much glitter.
    6. Continue for five fingers and the take off the stickers before the polish dries completely.
    7. Apply a top coat to complete the look.

    Pinterest Picks

    I've picked some of my favourite alternative nail styles from Pinterest that you can recreate with the two colours used above.


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