2 Step Bloody Mess

A bloody mess nail design is perfect for the slasher Halloween fan.  To complete this look you'll need a white and red nail polish and a dotting tool.

Step 1: Paint your nails white.

Apply two thin coats of Rimmels white hot love and allow to fully dry.

 Step 2: Paint your nail tips red

Apply a generous amount of the blood red across the tips of your nails and apply a few dots further down the nail.  Join the dots to the tips of your nails using a dotting tool.

 And your done, bloody Halloween nails in two easy steps.

Another simple idea from prettygossip.com are these Blood Splattered Nails.  You'll need the same red and white polishes and a straw instead of dotting tools. To protect your nails you can wrap cellotape around them or use liquid nail tape.

Blood Splattered Halloween Nails

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