20 Decals for €20

*Free Worldwide Delivery* Arrival within 2 - 10 working days 

The ultimate bundle will ensure you have your nail art covered for most events throughout the year.  From Christmas & Halloween to festival & floral we've got you covered with this bargain bundle.  

Water Decals can be used on natural, false, gel, acrylic or stick on nails.

Bundle contains: 

1x Pink Lily Water Decals 

1x Cats Water Decals

1x Cheeky Face Water Decal 

1x Cherry Blossom Water Decal 

1x Colourful Feathers Water Decal

1x Purple and lilac Water Decal 

1x Bright Pink lily Water Decal

1x Emoji Water Decal

1x Gold Pumpkins Water Decal

1x Gold Flower Water Decal

1x Golden Xmas Decals Mix

1x Panda Water Decal

1x Red Love heart Water Decal

1x Rose Water Decal

1x Silver Cobweb Water Decal 

1x Pink Flower Water Decal 

1x Pink Love Heart Water Decal 

1x Large purple Water Decal 

1x Pink & Gold Water Decal

1x Tribal Water Decal 

1x Snoopy Water Decal


 Add tweezers for easy application:

Directions for use:

  1. Trim & clean the nails
  2. Paint your nails with the colour of your choice
  3. Cut out the design you want to use & plunge into water for 10-30 seconds
  4. Using tweezers or a gentle touch- place the water transfer in the desired position on your nail
  5. Dab the nail with a tissue to clear any remaining water wait for 1-2 minutes to set
  6. Apply top coat & allow to dry